Problemas BIOS Linux

Hola muy buenas a todos. Recientemente adquirí una Gemibook, la version de 8GB 256GB. Instale la distribución de Linux Mint y cambié en el BIOS a OS Linux. Ahora cuando enciende no logro que de video, no se muestra ni el Logo de Chuwi. Alguien puede orientarme como restaurar los valores del BIOS a los de fábrica, no quiero abrirla ni nada por el tema de la garantía.
Saludos y gracias de antemano.

Try English,

Did you change the bios or did the linux software do that. I think you did, can’t you not reset it to standard?

Hi, sorry about spanish.

I change it myself when I installed the new Linux OS, Mint. Just when I did it, I reboot the system and bum, no video, all the led’s indicator and keybord backlight works just fine, but I’m blind in order to try reset it to default. Don’t know what to do, I will apreciate the help.

Oke, IMHO video does not mean BIOS is the problem. Make a window install USB and install windows on your machine. I guess then all works, if not hope you have warranty and send ik back. I think the Linux installer has no good video driver.

If it runs, run a Linux distro from USB with a compatible driver. If it works than install.

I can’t isntall anything cause I can’t see nothing, I have no video signal on my laptop, how I can install something without seeing what I’m doing?:man_shrugging:t2:

Did you try it. You need a second computer to make the USB, I could be wrong but as I remember inserting the USB and starting a computer makes it load from Windows USB and loads simple VGA drivers from installer software to boot.

I had the same, I was able to reset the BIOS by opening the laptop and disconnecting all the cables.