Problems with using pen

I have problems with using HiPen H3. In some parts of the tablet’s screen it works bad - there are breaks when drawing a line or writting. In some parts when drawing curves -they are jugged. Is it normal?
What can cause it? Can it be adjusted somehow? I like the tablet very much - but I really wanted to make use of the pen.
Thanks in advance!

1.Does the touch screen work properly?
2.Please send a video

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Yes, touch screen works pretty well.
Video with the problem under link below:


OK , try to install this one

I’ve installed the driver, but no improvement.
I’m thinking yet about battery replacement in the pen - because what I noticed additionally, when I press erasing button - and keep it pressed - looks like there are some interruptions.
Although on the screen - there is there is just one area on the bottom, where are problems.

From what I appreciate in the video, it’s a problem of the screen touch.
To check if this is really the case, simply draw a grid on the screen with parallel vertical and horizontal stripes. By drawing this, you can check the area where the touch is not sensitive. Record a video again and send it to

Thank you @manonegra222, I’ll follow your advice, and let know the results.

Thank you very much! I wrote to service, they sent me EC and bios update, and this fixed the problem. Everything works perfectly now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am very happy because you have been able to solve your problem.

I wouldn’t know how to proceed without this great forum. I’m really happy and surprised how well the service works and how helpful is.
Thank you @manonegra222

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Hey robson,
Can you share the updates that you got so we can update our Hi10 x …

Thank you

Sure, here is the link I got:

You need put extracted files to empty USB flash, put the USB stick to your keyboard, shutdown your Chuwi, and power on pressing F7 key. Then choose USB stick as a boot drive.

That’s it.