Hi 10 Go Fixed pressure but broke touchscreen

Hello, i have chuwi hi 10 go with hipen h7 stylus. But my stylus pressure function wasn’s working. I write to you, and you refund to me 15 dollars. Then i tried to install this .Then my touchscreen rotated at 90 degrees and i can’t use it now but stylus pressure function is working right now! To fix problem with touchscreen i tried to install this windows image, but it didn’t fix the problem. Can you please send me a config or new image, that delete everything to fix my touchscreen. I also pin video with problem. Video

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Same problem, but i’ve never received an answer.

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@Management we’re waiting for an answer.

Thats’s bullshit. I contacted to aftersales team, and he send me image
that contains only drivers image
Then i said how to fix and where is cfg file. He said me this

WTF is this service???

Do not install it with Windows 11.
The system will randomly bsod

Hello, try this) Hi10 Go Fix HID

Sounds good, doesnt work.

Hi, I have the same problem, I bought a Renaisser 520C pen on amazon because the H6 is nowhere to be found, but it writes in strokes and therefore does not work well on the touchscreen.
Fix methods didn’t work for me