Hipen H6 pen pressure does not work in Chuwi hi10 x

I have Chuwi Hi10 X Q128GH6 but the pen pressure of the hipen h6 doesn’t work. please help!

Hey @Lyndonne

Sorry for late response, anyway let’s continue.

Before you proceed.
May i ask some questions.

Does your H6 pen charging via micro usb?

Did you pulled out H6 Pen nibs and cleaning up the Nibs and put it back inside?

Touch screen still working without a H6 Pen?

Your Hi10 X is have Intel Celeron N4120 or N4100?

Other important question: Which program are you trying to use the pen pressure in? Because the software itself has to support the Surface Pen Protocol as well for pen pressure to register correctly. More simple (drawing) programs treat pen input the same as mouse click-and-drag.

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