Ubook with hipen6 pressure?

Hi, I just got a ubook with a hi pen6 is there a way of getting the pressure to work on this device?

No, the Hipen H6 is not compatible with the UBook. Only with the UBook Pro.

Oh ok, but then why did they sell me this tablet with that pen? it’s rather odd. is there anything I can do about it? or exchange the pen for another one that would be compatible? thx

Thats not true at all, there a new Ubook Version Out there, and those can usw the h6 pen…

But in the case from @pierref, it looks like he got the older Version of the Ubook.

You cant do much, only you can exchange it and get an h3 pen. There is no Other Option the h6 pen will Not Work with older Version of the Ubook.

Perfect, if so, I didn’t know. Thanks for sharing

HI again, thx for your replies, I discovered to my surprise, that the pressure in the stylus actually works but only with Whiteboard, with no other application can I get pressure to function. is there any explanation for this strange behaviour? should I just buy a h3 pen? they are still available and then could it work with other applications than Whiteboard?
thx again

I’ve made another odd discovery: pressure works on other software if I draw while pressing on the front button, so what they call the right click button