Ubook Pro + HiPen H3

Hi everyone,

Just received my Ubook Pro, I thought i would be able to use the HiPen H3 which i bought with my Hi9 Plus. But it cannot add the HiPen H3 as a bluetooth device, neither can i just start to use it with the pen tip although the strange thing is that the other end of the pen occasionally can be used to close windows (when i use the other end of the pen to click on X to close windows sometimes it actually works). I should add that it is working fine on my Hi9 Plus so its definitely not the pen.

Any advice from the chuwi or other users how to add HiPen 3 to be able to use it on the Ubook Pro please ?

Not sure but I think that only discontinued H5 and H6 are compatible with UbookPro.

The Hipen H3 is not compatible with the UBook Pro. I recommend the HiPen H6 that works really well

I didn’t realise H3 wouldn’t be compatible, thanks for letting me know. I might forgo the H6 for now, too many devices and too many pens that work separately.

On a separate note, I am quite pleasantly surprised that the virtual keyboard on ubook pro is actually possible to almost touch type on.

True. The only bug I find extremely annoying is when sometimes I type (usually is in messenger.com website), the letters appear backwards or just complelty dissapear. Refreshing the page doesn’t help.

Anyone with the same issue? (I think that this is rather the Windows issue, not the CHUWI)