Third party pen support

Hello! I was wondering if the Ubook pro is compatible with surface pens since they both use the Microsoft Pen Protocol?

It is logical to think that, if the Hipen H6 is compatible with some Surface models, the stylus of those Surface will be compatible with the UBook Pro.

Compatible with Microsoft Surface PC Series

Not only for UBook Pro, HiPen H6 is also compatible with the Microsoft Surface’s tablets and laptops. With the same MPP (Microsoft Pen Protocol) as the Surface series, HiPen H6 can also work flawlessly on Surface laptop/tablet devices. With 1/5 the price of surface pen, HiPen H6 can be a great cost-efficient alternative for writing/painting on surface devices.
More information about HiPen H6 please refer to the official link.

Note:The stylus is not compatible with Surface Pro1、 Surface Pro2 and Surface RT

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I think so too but I really would like to confirm before purchasing. My main reason for looking for alternatives is I can’t find any replacement nibs for the HiPen H6 besides the extra that comes with it. I am planning to add a paperlike texture to the screen and I expect the soft nib of the HiPen 6 will deteriorate much faster due to texture.

For replacement nibs, write to