Stylus not working on U book Pro

i just receive my new purchase chuwi U book type cw1535

the active stylus pen I used with my HI 13. does not work on this device. it’s not “seen” by this system so what can I do ?? its brandnew out of the box

Maybe it’s missing the driver for old pen, Ubook Pro can use HiPen H3 and H6 without trouble.

yes perhaps but where can I get the driver from ?

Got the same problem. Cant see it or find it via Bluetooth. Which styluses are compatible with UBook Pro 8100y? I’ve got old h2 pen.

no solutions yet for h3stylus pen not working on ubook ??

Please contact

Corresponding Compatible Devices with CHUWI HiPen H1-H6:

:heart:Hipen H1-----Hi12

:heart:Hipen H2-----Hi10 Pro, Hi10 Air, Hi10 Plus.

:heart:Hipen H3-----Hi9 Plus,Hi9 Air,Hi10 X , Hi12 (ps:For product serial Numbers after 1709), Hipad LTE, SurBook 12.3, Hi13 Ubook, Minibook 8100Y

:heart:Hipen H6-----Ubook Pro