Protective cases

hello just shooting this out there. im having a hard time finding a hardback protective case for the hi9+? i have tried ebay/amazon…but still not what im looking for.something like otterbox or whatnot… wondering if any of you nice folks know of some other resources. any help is greatly apperciated. thx in adv! enjoy ur day… peace outt :v:

No hard cases were made for this model of tablet. This is the one I bought and the lid can be rotated 360 degrees, so it is protected and also allows it to be placed on a table without difficult:

thank you . so u think thts pretty much the closest thing ill find. hows the drop protection on yours. i have toddlers so i expect at least a drop or 2. and any recomondations on screen protectoes. also a side ? mine didnt come wth a stylus ive heard the H3 could be better. would i be better off ordering a wacom bambooor 53pencil. instead of the stock chuwi stylus. again i apperciate your time. thanks for the help :wink: :wink: