Question regarding Hi12 mainboard - how to fix it?

I would like to say Hi to everyone from this form,

I have an issue with a Hi12 tablet. One day, I remained without battery and I had to charge it in my friend’s car charger. When I connected the tablet to the usb charger it started to charge and then it came smoke from inside of the tablet.
What was wrong I could not realise. Kindly check the images. You can see the parts inflated. I have contacted Chuwi service but they say no service manual available, no parts, nothing, no accessories.
In this moment, I am trying to figure out how to fix this mainboard where I have paid around 220USD.
My question is how to recognise those “voltage regulators” transistors whatever they are because no one was able to identify them until now.
Kindly help me to fix it. I just need to know what to order from internet to replace. For me is not a problem to replace the parts with failure but at least I need to know what to order.

I have attached the images to the below links: