I Should Find a Specific Chip


my hi12 pc does not boot. the local pc service showed me a chip that on motherboard may cause this. but i couldn’t find its name or code. i have no idea how should look up.

maybe someone here can help about it.

write to service@chuwi.com

they said we have no support and no board scheme. how can i find this part or its name?

Hi there,

I have this problem for almost 2 years or more, I did not find this part, and i have noticed the number in this part is different than mine “4601 1735”
Let me know if you found it, i have checked already with the service support but they have no idea!!!


Thanks brother @Biosham, i will order it from AliExpress and I hope the device will back to the life after long dead :joy:

Usually this tablet should turn on without this chip. It is possible that this chip is not the only one that is damaged.

To be honest with you, I just have noticed this damage chip is not the only chip has the same number, there are two more, I am not sure :thinking: if i replaced with another one from the existing two, the table will turn on but another feature will be gone or it will still remain off :grimacing:

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These chips limit the current for OTG mode, you can take the chip from another place on the board, one of the connectors will simply stop working.

I really thankful for your assistance, i will reach an electrician. Have a nice day!

You were right bro, i have replaced the damaged part with one of the existing two parts with no luck, even i have connected directly to PC power supply to kill the doubts of battery issue but never wake up again, i can only hear click sound on one of chipset under the covered area, thanks for you advice and experience, the device now RIP :joy: