Chuwi Hi10 air wont turn on

My tablet won’t turn on, not charging also, then i found out it’s getting hot so i decided to open it before it’s getting worst then I found out that the chip HDS3212 was the culprit. I want to know if where can I buy this HDS3212? or any other option,
Please help, thank you.

Make sure there is no short circuit at the output of the IC, it may warm up due to the high current consumption after it (for example CPU).
Also you can just desolder it. The tablet should charge without the IC.

And you probably need to replace any data cables (mouse \ keyboard \ hub) that you plugged into the type-c connector to prevent similar damage in the future.

You know that HD3S3212 is USB mux/demux LSI, so basically isn’t related to power supply for the PC except short-circuit between GND and VCC in the LSI (rarely happen).

If HD3S3212 is broken, you should just remove it, then the PC will be able to wake up. Additionally, that LSI is a small SMD (surface-mount device). Do you have an experience to solder 0603 SMD devices on PCB? If not, I recommend you to just remove it cleanly and give up to use one USB type-C port (which uses the signals through HD3S3212).

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