Chuwi Hi10 Pro not turning on, how to open the tablet?

Hello everyone,

I have a Chuwi Hi 10 Pro which was working fine, then I didn’t use it for a couple months and now it won’t turn on despite various charging attempts. I assume the battery has gone dead and either needs charging externally or the battery needs replacing. Does anyone know how to get this tablet open to replace the battery? I undid the 4 screws on the sides but i cannot seem get it open. I don’t want to order a replacement battery if I can’t look inside and see that replacement is possible.

Any help on this would be really appreciated.

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Hello, this model has been discontinued for a long time, there is no repair parts, such as replacing the charger can not be used, it is estimated that it is a hardware problem,
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I appreciate your reply but this is not very helpful at all. I do not think this is a hardware problem, as the device was working fine, and has been switched off for some time, so is much more likely to be a battery issue.

There are spare parts available on aliexpress.

Could someone please help me with advice on how to open up this tablet?

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here you can see how to open your device: