Rebranded hipro10 random shutdown

Hi I have a rebranded hipro10 pro sold in the UK by, serial number: tc101217a000244 model:tc10v1002 the only issue I have besides 1 dead pixel is a problem with it shutting down to conserve battery life even when battery power is high, above 70%, I would prefer it stayed in standby mode. I can’t see any option in windows to correct this, and I have seen other hipro10 users have experienced the same problem, Is there a bios file available specific to this machine that can fix the problem.

Hello, please try to flash this BIOS file and see if the problem will be solved

The guidance you provided was wrong and almost bricked my machine. The correct Bios file encase anyone is interested is: HQ64G42170300243 installation does make some minor changes though, displays a chuwi logo when booting and gives to option to dual boot but my machine doesn’t seem to support this, other than that it’s fine.