CHUWI Hi10 HQ64G4217 Please help us recover

Thank you for your help.
I am recovering Windows 10 on CHUWI Hi10 HQ64G42171003995.
I didn’t back up the driver, so the camera doesn’t work and the touch screen doesn’t work properly.
I tried most of the published drivers and Windows images and smashed all “unknown devices”, but for some reason the camera does not work.

The touch screen is stuck because the proper “SlieadToch.fw” is not available.

I think it should be officially provided by CHUWI, but would anyone please give me the Windows image of the above model, drivers compatible with Double Driver, SlieadToch.fw for touch screen.

Your device is Hi10 pro, please try this one

Thank you for writing.
We are trying all the tools provided.
And it’s Hi10 Nomark instead of Hi10 pro.

The main body is printed with Hi10 HQ64G…, but the serial number certainly seems to be Hi10 pro.
Is the content actually Hi10 pro?

Hi10 Pro is the one that starts with H

After all it is Hi10 pro.
However, if the model name is not clearly stated on the main body, many users will misunderstand.
For the time being, I will try my best. Thank you very much.

The target model is HQ64G421710, so I think it is the release date.
I think “4, HQ64G421707 download serial number:” or “5, HQ64G421711 download serial number”, but there is no 421710.
For the time being, I’ll try with number 5.

Hello everyone.
The touchscreen also worked with the proper Windows image.
For Hi10 (Nomark is actually PRO) HQ64G42171003995, the correct answer is to use 5, HQ64G421711 download.
When operating on Windows only, OS/Attributes = 2 in Script / Main.cmd must be set to 1.
Thank you for your cooperation!