Hi10 pro HQ64G421709xxx... dual boot driver

my tablet have some problem , can’t use the touch screen & camera when i restore the windows. how can i do?


can’t update or install driver, can you help me!!!

Who can help me to solve this problem? Please help!!! :bowing_woman: :bowing_woman: :bowing_woman:

Hello friend, please tell me the serial number.

my serial number : HQ64G42170904250

Please help me !

“Management” supply that " http://www.mediafire.com/folder/522qqnf3l4kfo/chuwhi10prodiver " link driver is C190S driver not C190D Driver and I try this link driver is not work for me ! :pensive: :pensive:

Please help me how to do ! :pray: :pray:

Looks like you need to contact service@chuwi.com for a BIOS