Hi 10 pro drivers HQ64G42171000545

Greetings from Greece,

Can anyone help me? I need drivers for Windows 10 for the Hi 10 pro HQ64G42171000545. Also, the front camera don’t work.

Thanks in advance


Thank you very much for your immediate answer. Unfortunately, none of the drivers didn’t solve the problems. It seems that this edition (HQ64G42171000545) of tablet is slightly problematic, according the drivers. Again, thanks for your post.

try this:


Hello again and thanks for your answer. I have tested the camera folder drivers and nothing change. For your help, I send you a photo of the device manager folder and I write the problematic devices.

Skizze Bus 0
Intel® Serial IO I2C ES Controller
Intel® Serial IO I2C ES Controller


Unfortunately the file i tried to download is no longer available. Thanks anyway for your interest.

New link, sorry: https://mega.nz/file/RhdBlQ7B#LWsn8VrbLGlyDg2ejFecgQMYXf3gk7APKs58uFUukvo

Thank you so much!!! It works!!!

I am happy that is was useful for you.

Please how do I run driver

you have to right click onto the file gc2355 and choose install. Then follow any directions

Thanks. It installed successfully but the pen still didn’t work