Camera driver Hi 10 Pro

I can’t install the camera driver with windows 10. It always keep the generic windows 10 driver. Any idea?

Hi !
I’m having the same trouble.
Did someone ever make the camera works on Win10 ?

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Same problem with two tablets and windows 10

Tenho o mesmo problema.

Anyone to help us ? Please

these are the camera drivers of my Hi10 Pro tablet:!AqpKvT8-VB_8gblVuXU73k7S7sLnqQ?e=kVaDFe


Hi manonegra222, I tried tens sort of driver for my Hi10 pro (HQ64G42161211511) including yours, but in Device Manager there are still two Unknown devices of the cameras. Please help? Thank you.

Seems no one has any clue. So sad.

your drivers:!AqpKvT8-VB_8qkf9xJq4R0P7kBzi?e=sh5pTy

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Thank you, @manonegra222 for your kind help, but both cameras still show as unknown device in the Device Manager. I don’t know why…

Have you disabled protection for unsigned driver installation?

Yes, I did. I think the drivers related to cameras are Intel AVStream Camera, Camera sensor Unicam ov2680, and Intel Imaging Signal Processor 2401, right?

I even flashed the original Install.wim to the Windows partition using DISM but at startup the two unknown devices still showed. I also tried installing the drivers using Double Driver and still no luck. Oh BTW, my Hi10 Pro was set up to boot only to Windows.

I started thinking that perhaps I have to reflash Android and reapply its Windows image. But it just doesn’t add up.
[edit] - I reflashed Android and “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” popped up… :neutral_face:

Please help me, all drivers have been installed

I have a problem of error code 0xa00f4244 at Camera Chuwi10 Pro. Some repairs have been done but it doesn’t work

Does installing the free version of iobit “Driver Booster” and uninstalling it after; fix the problem?