Chuwi Hi10 X Camera Problem

I have my Chuwi Hi10 X for like 3-4 Days. And im happy with it, BUT i have a problem. Both of my Cameras not working, and idk why. I saw the poste with the “Official Drivers” but the Software with the Camera driver didnt work for me :confused: in my device manage i cant find any Camera. Anyone have a fix for this??? I also reset my Bios settings, Windows new install, both, so Iso by myself and the “official” one.

sry. for double posting the same problem, my browser said it heard an error first :frowning:

If the camera driver doesn’t work, it means the device isn’t compatible.You need to reinstall system.

u mean reinstall Windows? i try this 2 times… nothing changed. but i know the Camera work, one time i get the back camera working, but after a restart… boom, no picture and/or device manage says “no camera point”

If reinstalling windows doesn’t help - contact
There is 2 memory chips for camera software on main board and if installer can’t flash it, maybe you need some “special” solution.

left - RTS5842_OV2680_Front_Camera_20191122.rfw
right - RTS5876_OV5648_Back_Camera_20191207.rfw

Also check this settings in flashtool

what ever i do here in this program, nothing works. AND the Program says i have 2x 5M Camera?! or only one Camera? Sometimes it show two Front Cameras, idk what i need to do

You need to change camera IC as shown in my screenshots, if it’s doesn’t work - contact aftersale.

But i dont have any other opinions to chose from. I cant set the “Camera IC:” to the same like you in your screenshot

Ok, nevermind. I have fixed it. IDK HOW, i spam my leftclick on the “Camera Driver Software” and click all buttons much much times, now both Camers work ^^ IDK. For now, never change a running system and i will be happy xD

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