CHUWI Hi10X Camera Not Installed


Over the past few weeks I bought about 7 Chuwi Hi10X Tablets. Everything is running ok but the last one I opened doesnt want yo recognize the cameras.

When I open the Windows10 camera app it says I dont have a camera installed.

When I open Device Manager no camera show up on the camera tab but on unrecognize devices I have 2 usb devices showing the yellow triangle as if they dont have a driver.

So I followed another thread here and downloaded the drivers for front and back camera but the software included is not picking up the cameras and doesnt let me do anything.

Any ideas on what to do?

Thank you!

If you don’t have camera IC in software try to contact with


Most likely there is a way to restore work using some program, but I can only offer an option in which you have to disassemble the tablet.

Thanks for the reply. This is exactly whay I’m getting. Thanks for the email will contact them.

Although if you have a solution and want to share it even of it involves disassembly just in case it comes to that.

Than you again!

You need to short 2 and 5 pins (highlighted with orange), then turn on the tablet. After the system is booted you need to remove the short circuit and the IC should appear in the program.
If the cameras do not work after flashing, you should flash them backwards (front camera with firmware from the back and back with firmware from the front).
If this does not work either, you need to unsolder both IC and flash them with the programmer (red-front, blue-back).

I got them to show up and I could see them in the UVC Cam program and I managed to install them. Now on Device Manager I dont have anything yellow and both cameras appear.

However when I open the Windows 10 Camera App it stays blue for awhile then it opens recognizing the cameras but everything is black. Then when I flip them or try to open settings it says something went wrong and give error code 0xA00F4240 (0x800703E3)

I never got to opening it all I did was look in device manager for the 2 devices under usb that had the yellow triangle and uninstalled them. After that they showed up in the UVC Program and I got to install their drivers.

Both cameras show up as Realtek PC Camera Driver after installing drivers. But cameras wont open. I takes a long time for camera app to open and when it does its just black.

DIsabled them both and enabled them again and its like the driver is uninstalled and shows up as Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) both of them.

Check that the firmware is written to the correct IC.

Hi Biosham,

I have made sure those match with the correct IC but no luck. It installs and says it pass and show up in device manager but when I open the camera app it stays for a long time without opening and then it opens with no image and stays black. If I try to change cameras or go to settings then the camera app crashes with error codes: 0xA00F4240 (0x800703E3)

I restored windows 10 and it reseted to the factory drivers that says to be microsoft camera drivers as the other tablets I have opened so far but it does the same thing camera app crashes. The other tablets are working well with that windows driver.

When I disable the cameras in device manager they seem to lose the driver and come up as Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) instead. If I uninstall those and shut down the tablet and turn it on again they both show up in the UVC driver installer program and I get to install the driver to them but when I open the camera app no camera even though the cameras show up in device manager and everything.

Now I got a new code when the camera app opens and I try to take a photo even though its all black after awhile it crashes and a pop up window says: Something went wrong If you need it, here’s the error code: 0xAooF4271 (0x800703E3)

Got the front camera working but cant get the back camera to show up in the UVC driver installer

ok so the back camera was showing up as generic but with the samer IC as the front camera. So I installed the back camera and is now working hope they stay that way.