Microsoft Camera App not Loaded on Windows 10 Tablet

Just got a new CHUWI HI10X for Christmas. It is running Windows 10. I can see in the device manager that it has a front and back camera, but the Microsoft Camera App is not on the machine. As a result I cannot take pictures. I have gone out to the Microsoft website and tried to get the Camera app but it won’t download. I have uninstalled the camera drivers and re-installed them. I have checked for Windows 10 updates and applied all that show up. Please help.

I think if I could just get the Mirosoft Camera App then all would be well.

The Windows Camera app can be downloaded through the Microsoft Store, which should be preinstalled with Windows 10. This should be a direct link to it:

I have tried that many times. I press the “GET” button and the software won’t download. I have turned off my popup blockers and all other blockers but I cannot get the window to appear that will allow me to install the software.

Is the Windows Store app itself present and working on the system? Maybe search for Windows Camera in the Store-app itself? If you click “Get” on the Store website and nothing happens, there’s probably an issue with the Store-app.

Also: Make sure you’re logged into Windows 10 with a proper Microsoft-account, as I’m pretty sure most apps don’t install when you’re just using a local account (like the one Chuwi lets you setup during first boot).

Either way, installing through the Store doesn’t pop up any install windows like the old installers, just a confirmation of which drive you’d like to install to and then it’s all in the background.

I finally figured it out.

I had to go out to the following website and download the actual AppxBundle for the Windows 10 Camera Software.

Then I had to change the settings in my tablet to “Developer” and use Powershell to run the AppxBundle. This added the camera application software back on my tablet.

This is the only thing that worked. I have always been signed in with a proper Microsoft account it just wasn’t working.