Driver problem with Chuwi Hi10 X CWI529

Hello, I have this problem with my Chuwi Hi10 X.

I have already download the official driver but it won’t install. Is there something that can be done for this?

Try to use Intel® Driver & Support Assistant

Already tried it, but does nothing

Strange, this is definitely drivers from intel :thinking: . Try any driver pack program, like SDI.

Why do you need to reinstall the driver?Which part is the problem?The camera.Touch, bluetooth.Wi-fi.Gravity induction?You need to install the corresponding driver to make it useful.

The missing drivers are Intel® serial I/O host controller - 31AC and Intel® serial I/O I2C host controller - 31AE

No,no,no,I mean what part of your device has a problem that caused you to install the driver.

I reinstalled windows with windows 10 Pro 1909 and when finished some of the drivers where missing. I installed all of them, except this two that I cannot find.

Ok I see, then please copy this to

Same problem here
After reinstall windows these devices has no driver

You should follow @Biosham advice

Try to use Intel® Driver & Support Assistant

This will install a software which will read your hardware details and advice you the correct drivers

Except updating WiFi and bluetooth driver (which were already working) Intel® Driver & Support Assistant did almost nothing in my case.

@Deiab have you tried installing the driver that the Management have uploaded?

Hi, how are you?
I have the same problem too
When installing windows 10 pro 1909 I am missing drivers
and the camera doesn’t recognize them

I am also missing a thermal controller …

both devices use the same driver located at c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\iaLPSS2i_I2C.sys (version 30.100.1816.3)

you can try put them back in windows driverstore like stated here : ( )