Replace BIOS AMI to Inside H20 Intel?

I have a Hi8 Pro PQ32G22160500951, which works perfectly on both Android and Windows 10 Version 1909-Build 18363.535.
He installed The Bios D2D3_Hi8ProA1.230_0524-May-Dualboot, by American Megatrends Inc., Core Version 5.011, Version 2.17.1249, which I don’t like.
Question: can it be replaced with “Inside H20”?
Thanks for the reply

Almost completely sure not. Installing an unsupported BIOS will turn your device into a brick

Hi manonegra222
I thank you for the answer.
What you say is very well known, and I am aware of all this.
My question came spontaneously, from the fact that the CHUWI Hi8 Pro Tablet is an Intel Inside product, so, like Inside H20 is an Intel product.
That the majority of the Tablet in circulation have the standard, the BIOS / UEFI Graphic “Inside H20”, instead of the old AMI BIOS.
I was hoping to find comfort, to my desire to replace AMI with Inside H20, being extremely compatible.
Thanks for the reply
Greetings Sabino
Note: I noticed that CHUWI also adopts Inside H20.