Replacement battery

So a friend sent me this tablet as it stopped charging and after some searching/testing I have determined that the battery has 0 voltage. The battery refuses to charge because of it dropping so low. At this point the tablet is just a paper weight and I am unable to easily locate a battery for it. What are my options in searching for a replacement battery?

You can use any 30124135 or smaller battery.

Make sure there is voltage at the battery connector without connecting the battery. If not, the battery is probably not your biggest problem.

I remember testing by plugging a charger in and getting voltage. I’m pretty sure the battery is shot.

You can try to charge the battery with a proper battery charger but only if you know what you’re doing and know basic electricals to charge a battery with a battery charger.

Using a battery charger instead of the tablet charging method will boost the battery to some extent where you should be able to power on the device and test if it is the battery issue or some other board issue.

Good luck.