Request Bios for Hi10 Air64G19111659

Dear Admin,

I would be grateful if you could provide us bios for Hi10 Air64G19111659

Thanks for you attention.

Here you can find bios for your serial number.

In this link there are only bios up to version Q64G1910xxxx.

My bios version is Q64G1911 with core version 5.011

This is all that Chuwi provided, there are no bios updates. If you want a bios specifically for your serial number with original key and s\n, write to

I have confirmation that bios for 1906+ restored bricked tablet with 1911 serial number.

Thank you very much Biosham, I’ll get on with it. I tell you the result.

Anyway I will send an email in case you can send me the updated bios.

Thanks a lot