RZBOX Ryzen 9 4900H - Video blacks out centre of display

Upgraded the preloaded Windows 10 Home to Windows 11 and have this video problem which blacks out the centre of the display.
I’ve installed the latest AMD drivers and also the drivers kindly provided on this forum.
It often happens when using Zoom and playing YouTube videos using Firefox but not every time.
Sometimes a notification shows at the bottom right side of the display telling me that the video drivers have been reset due to a problem.
Does anyone else have this problem and if so any help would be appreciated.

Hello, please provide the serial number and model number on the back of the machine, thank you

Hi there,

Thank you for responding.
I’ve emailed you a photo of the model info as printed on the underside of the unit.
I trust this is the info you requested ?
There is no other ID info on the outside of the unit.

Hello, there are system and tutorial videos in it, try to reinstall after you download it, thank you

Many thanx ChuwiService.
I re-installed Win10 from your download and then upgraded to Win11. So far all is going well and I’ve installed all my Audio/Video tools and editing software etc. which is the main reason for choosing the RZBOX
I’ll be keeping a careful watch as and when Win11 updates happen and will let you know should there be any regression.
Thanx again.

Great, thank you for your support to CHUWI
Thanks and best regards