Dead after six months

Welp, this lasted six months of just using it for browsing.

A few weeks ago it began randomly rebooting now and then, and then if I did anything at all with the gpu other than just use Chrome, it’d reset within a minute or two.

Not sure if the cheap power supply got too weak or the poor cooling solution damaged something, but I’m the lucky owner of an off brand nvme drive and ram stick at this point.

What OS are you using? My RZBox is a year old now and is just fine running Windows 11 Home.
I had video issues at first running Windows 10 but support sent me a link to download different Win 10 version incl video drivers. Win 11 upgrade was no problem and it’s been just fine.
I haven’t experienced overheating etc as several others have complained about and I do a lot of video editing etc.
This post doesn’t really help you with your problem but I thought you may be interested to know that there is at least 1 RZBox out there with no issues.
Hopefully support may be able to help you.

It’s not video drivers. The way the cooling system is designed, it was never made for one of these 8 core cpu’s. It has one heat pipe when it should have at least 3, and the heatsink isn’t big enough. If you push yours to its potential, which frankly I didn’t do that often, it’ll develop problems too. This design was probably engineered for a four core cpu.

I also know better than to pay to ship an intermittent problem from inadequate cooling all the way back to China for it to be returned to me with “no trouble found”.

I just scavenged it for ram and drives and put it on the pile of e-waste.