Can you exchange to a new one?

I have been asking questions for some time about sudden shut down. MY RZBOX I bought is shutting down many times in a day for unknown reasons. So finally, today, I initialized it, but it didn’t change. Can you exchange this to a new one? Please tell me the procedure or give a refund.

Hello Unison,

Contact directly and provide all data for them for analysis. Sudden shutdowns sometimes are related to high temperatures and safety rule that turn off to avoid damage. You may use HWMonitor software as example to monitor temperature and check if it-s reaching any peak.


Thank you for your advice.
I emailed CHUWI last week, but I haven’t received a reply yet !!!
What should I do now, CHUWI SUPPORT???

I sent a mail more or less 1month ago for a problem I am facing with my RZBOX.

When do you think I will get an answer?


This device appears to me to have been engineered to employ a much slower cpu that makes less heat. Perhaps a 4500 or 5600g? The fan curve, which apparently doesn’t want to be adjusted, won’t allow the cpu to run at full speed for more than a minute or two. Mine overheats and dies if I do a windows defender virus scan.

I know the fan WILL run at a good speed, I’ve had it go off a few times and startle me. But that’s when I’m shutting it down while it’s hot. But it doesn’t seem to respond to the fan settings in the bios.

I’ve set mine to 25W in the bios, down from the stock 45w. That hobbles the performance, but the device simply won’t work properly pushed at load.

Otherwise the performance will become sluggish, and when I look, the cpu is over 100 degrees doing some background task. At that heat level, the cpu is throttled all the way down to its base clock and you’re a few degrees away from a crash.

The weird part is that this weakness was shown in several very early evaluation units sent to professional youtubers, who noted it all the way back when it had a ryzen 9 4900 cpu.

Wish I had a good answer for you. For such a large mini-pc, the thermal performance is terrible.

It doesn’t appear that Chuwi replies on this forum much, if at all, and they don’t reply to emails sent to that support email. I sent them one, and their rep on amazon says they never got it.