Sudden shutdown

When I use PowerPoint and paste a photo, my PC RZBOX always shuts down. I feel that sudden shuts down occurs when I do heavy work on a PC or video device. What should I do?

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I am seeing sudden shutdowns when editing drawings in Affinity Designer. These crashes require a cold restart of the PC. With the help of support at Affinity, I was able to stabilize the App by setting the affinity for the app in taskmanger to only 6 threads. Instructions here.

There seem to be stability issues when running multi-core heavy loads. Geekbench5 crashes repeatedly during/after multi-core n-body physics, the system shuts down completely. Ubuntu 21.0.4

I have similar shutdown while playing minecraft at windows 11, unfortunately i didn’t restart after that . I send to store through DHL for repair ( Actually Chuwi arrange DHL without any cost )

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I have the same issue. I think this is hardware level as I’m running VMWare ESXI on mine and sometimes I get random shutdowns.

Are there any new bios updates? Sometimes the random shutdowns and during boot, or, starting up a VM. But I’ve had the same issues within Ubuntu and Windows 10/11 as well when I previously tested.

Does not seem to be a thermal issue.

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The forum moderators of the Affinity discussion I opened on these sudden shutdowns think they might be caused by CPU threading problems on the AMD platform. I hope CHUWI, AMD, or AMI release a firmware update for the RZBOX to address these instabilities soon.


Yeah, I agree.

So I just checked my uptime in VMWARE, 4.85 days. That’s with starting up, shutting down VMs etc. I have both NICs populated with ethernet cables AND a USB-C ethernet adaptor. Both NVME Slots are popuplated with 1TB WD Blues, and I have both RAM slots populated with 32GB SODIMMS.

When it does shut down, it does not auto reboot. It just turns off. I’m wondering if it’s like you said, a threading issue, or, a power delivery issue.

Has anyone tested by changing the BIOS settings to up the wattage from 45w to 54W or whatever the next setting is? I’m wondering if maybe the CPU isn’t getting enough power.

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Had a random shutdown yesterday. RZ Box was running fine for about 5 days then powered off on it’s own overnight with no interaction from myself.

Chuwi, any fix coming soon? I don’t believe this is a hardware issue. Any updates would be great.

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Did some more testing on this. It’s not a thread scheduling issue I don’t think.

  • I repasted the CPU as at 45w TDP the system was hitting 100C+ on the CPU under rendering and cinebench workloads.

This brought the temps down to about 90C which is still too high for my liking. I then enabled manual fan control and told it at 75C to go full power with the fans. This brought temp down to 86C. Still not good enough.

I then put the TDP to 25W and stress tested. It hits about 80C max load and yet the CPU still boosts over 4.4ghz (4.450ghz to be exact). I’ve not noticed any performance decrease from the CPU side of things ove rthe last day and a half, AND, no more random shut downs now as well.

I think this may actually be a thermal/power devilvery issue. The CPU cooler is INSUFFICENT to cool this CPU at 45W. I’m going to try 35W later tonight as well to see if that causes any issues but everything seems to be working as it should right now.

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Thank you for you research and posting this information! I will try on my setup and see what happens.

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Cool let me know. I’m letting this run for a few days as it is now with about 3 VMs running to see if it randomly shuts down. I’ll keep you updated as well.

I had a random shutdown yesterday while working on a complex drawing in Affinity Designer. Based on your comments, I updated the Thermal Design Power (TDP) to 35W. For those who wish to try changing the TDP this settings can be found in the UEFI/BIOS using the following steps:

  1. Restart the RZBOX while pressing the “ESC” key to enter the UEFI/BIOS
  2. “Advanced” tab
  3. “AMD CBS”
  4. "NBIO Common Options
  5. “SMU Common Options”
  6. “System Configuration”

Let’s see how it goes.

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I installed Minecraft java edition on windows 10 for my son. RZBOX shutdown every time while loading a map at 11%. After lowering TPD according to the instruction from the post above to 35w it shutdown at 9%. After reducing TPD to 25w there were no shutdowns at all. I don’t know how performance is affected after reducing TPD but I hope that CHUWI will fix it in BIOS update, if this is possible at all.
Does anybody have an idea how to measure how much performance we loose after reducing TPD?

I’m not sure what the setting does really, this is a mobile APU so there are different TDP settings for certain applications. What you could do is benchmark Cinebench at 45w (if it doesn’t shut down lol) and then benchmark at 25W.

I see on mine it boosts to the same frequencies but I’m willing to bet the graphics chip (iGPU) is affected at least. For me running VMs I noticed no slow downs. I’m not using it anymore until we get a BIOS update though or a proper cooling solution.There’s a power or thermal issue here somewhere and it really needs to be addressed.

Mine’s been powered off since last night and I switched my server back to my 1700x machine. I had a weird issue with one of the NICs dropping ffrom 1GBps to 100mbps but too lazy to investigate further at this point. I’ll do a benchmark tonight when i get some time if you can’t do it now. (Currently at work).

Today I just rotated the photo and my RZBOX shut down!!! Please do something about it.
Otherwise, the only option is to return it.

Wait a sec Scott… you actually were able to use the Fan Control Table? I tried virtually all possibilities in that screen, hertz, positive-negative, 20C low temp, 80C low temps, 10 PWM as low, 80 as low and even I used the Force PWM value option, which disables the table and forces a set PWM value all the time, I set it to 80 and all those tests did not change any behavior at all in how the fan is running, which seems to be “automated based on something I cannot bypass”. loll

I am very much interested in what settings you got on that page and if you changed something else in other pages that could affect it.

In the meantime I’ll try lowering the TDP, as long as I can watch 4k@60hz full screen videos I should be fine. This machine isn’t my primary so I have a bit of latitude.

Hey tnx, @boostedn! :slight_smile:

I’ll fire it up and do some more testing this weekend when I get a chance. Honestly, if you can return it, I would suggest doing that. It seems like a piece of shit to be honest and no comments or follow up from CHUWI.

I highly doubt there is a BIOS update coming. There’s not even a drivers page (even though you can get the drivers manually from AMD, Realtek, etc).

Anyone that bought this has the same issue. It’s not a bad batch, it’s simply the cooling solution sucks. If I get around to firing it back up this weekend, I’ll take some pics of the settings.

Hey wow tnx for the quick response, I appreciate! :slight_smile:

I start to believe there are inconsistencies in how these machines are built. It has not yet failed while running, like you guys have with sudden shutdowns, but maybe it will. I’ll test it a bit longer and see what happens, I think if I apply the same BIOS Fan control settings as you and not seeing the same effects as you would confirm my beliefs.

In the meantime I testing with 25w TDP and as everyone says it doesn’t seem to change on CPU/GPU performance and temps. How ironic the way this setting works, hey.

I do have an application for this machine where it uses little power all the time, so I can simply turn the boost off (that works using either ways I know, which is BIOS or OS) and use it there. Temps are acceptable when boost frequencies are not in use. Although the machine will have to remain stable for me to keep it, like if I rotate a picture and it shutdowns like @Unison well, then yeah there’s nothing I can use it for. lol

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In my testing this seems to work but looks like it may be based on GPU temp rather than the CPU core temps. However, since it’s on the same chip maybe that’s why I see benefits. I dunno, more testing is required I supposed. My fan definitely ramps up based on the temps monitored in hwinfo64 and even in windows task manager for gpu temp.

I ran cinebench for an hour straight this morning in Windows 11. The highest temp I saw with this config above was 100.5C on the CPU. The Thermal Limit according to AMD is 105C. I experienced no shut downs. I then increased the TDP back to 45W and it breached 105C and shut off after a few minutes.

I can conclude the issue here is the TDP setting (too much voltage), or, the cooling solution is insufficient. Both are at play. Honestly, this cooling solution is pretty bad. Even with 25W TDP it still hits around 90-100C. Ambient temp is at about 70F/21C.

This si simply unacceptable. I’m not sure what else we can really do here to fix this. This is even after re-aaplying thermal paste. I’ve tried Noctua and Artic MX-4 with the same results (had both laying around from previous PC builds). I’m debating leaving the top case portion off and mounting a real cooler with zip ties as a last resort lol.

However, the shutdowns only seem to occur when sever load is on the CPU. I think it’s spiking in temp and then shutting down. There could be another issue here. Does anyone know what the Watchdog settings are in the BIOS for the CPU?

I’m not sure if that would help us out here or not.