Sudden shutdown

This review from October 15th, 2021 was concerned about the poor thermals of this device: Super POWERFUL AMD Ryzen 9 Mini PC! Chuwi RZBOX Review - YouTube

Yeah I commented in there before I got mine too. I was certain it was just because it was a preproduction unit. No compaints of shutdowns in his review but I would be curious if there was a follow up to it.

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LOL!! I watched that same Tube before I got mine as well and figured the same as you did. :slight_smile: Great minds think alike! hahaha

Ok I did some tests and came up with results! But you gotta give away some of what you paid for…

1st on the Watchdog, it’s on AUTO so I don’t know the settings, but you can change them in Manual, in AMD CBS/CPU COMMON OPTIONS. If that does anything…

2nd, I have applied the same Fan settings as you and absolutely no change in how the fan behaves. Funny.

3rd, you can shave up 25C on full load by disabling Boost. I let it run compiling a kernel using all cores at max capacity and it was running stable at 74-77C @ 3.3ghz. I don’t like that, but it’s still under 80C. Of course that means byebye to Ghz over 3.3. So it depends on your use case here if you can live without Boost or not.

Honestly if you don’t game with it, usually boost has too much cost (heat) vs its benefits. But then again on a well cooled machine it’s beneficial, but on this thing, if you boost you can shoot up from 75 to 100C. I also believe running VMs boost is not necessarily and should not see performance decline. I don’t on my tower.

Currently my rzbox idles between 42-50C at 0% CPU load.

4th, I found out if you give away WIFI you should drop a few Cs too, from 3-4 up to 10C, it seems to vary from time to time but I do get an average lower temp with WIFI disabled (in BIOS). Of course, we paid for the wifi and for the boost, so…

5th, I changed PStates and no change at all on anything! God am I surprised…

All tests performed at 20C room temp and 25W TDP.

Yes this thing has SERIOUS cooling issues. I also thought of swapping the paste but since you did it and nothing changed I won’t expect benefits with that. And I also thought of leaving open the case or change the fan, but since my BIOS Fan settings don’t have any effect on fan control, even with a kick ass fan it would not kick in under 52C as it does now.

I’ll give another shot by lowering TDP to the lowest, I bet no matter the TDP setting you choose, it also doesn’t change anything! :frowning:

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Ok so lowering TDPs don’t change anything… another BIOS setting that does nothing. I really start to think they made this BIOS child proof! :smiley:

@cloudxone If you have a chance to disable wifi in BIOS I’d be curious to see if my theory is more than just that or if it does provide a few degrees of cooling.

Yes it’s a powerful machine, it’s just really really really sad that the cooling is awful (unacceptable) and BIOS works for some but not for others…

For my use case: Affinity Designer with YouTube also running in the background; I have stability with TDP set at 35W. The fan occasionally starts up. Before changing the TDP, the system routinely shutdown when using Affinity Designer. I have not disabled WiFi, but my system is connected via Ethernet. I find even with the TDP mitigations, the RZBOX significantly outperforms my Dell XPS 15 i5-11400H. However, I have 64GB of RAM on the RZBOX vs. only 8GB on the Dell XPS 15. Both systems run Windows 11 Pro.

I just had the first random shutdown in 10 days with TDP set to 35W. Lowering to 25W. Will continue to provide updates.

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I’ve basically given up on this. I reached out to CHUWI directly. They say it’s because of the NVME drives using over 3A of power. To rule this out I put Ubuntu (Live Desktop) on a USB drive and booted it. I did a bunch of cpu intensive stuff, browsed internet etc, it shut down randomly when opening Chrome.

The issue here is NOT the NVME drives (although that could cause the problem). There is a power delivery bug or temperature issue somewhere here. This is a paperweight at this point. It’s not usable.

I definitely understand your frustration. I asked CHUWI to take back the device and they sent me a prepaid shipping label. I reconsiderd sending it back since I was able to mostly stabilize it for my use case. Performance is still great and I am getting a lot work done. Hopefully, support will improve as it is currently virtually non-existent. You should be able to send it back under warranty. Contact

maybe it will help someone. I have chosen this option for myself so far. go to the hardware and sound folder -power supply - configure the power supply circuit- change additional power parameters - processor power management - maximum processor state - set 99%. the processor will not turn on the turbo boost. in idle time we have 50 degrees. to view websites, videos and so on, we have an absolutely silent machine. if you play a little, it’s enough without a turbo boost. the video accelerates as expected. I personally play path of exiles at 60 frames per second.power limit is 45 wt. there were no accidental shutdowns.

I apologize in advance. English is not my native language, but I think the main idea is clear. Otherwise, of course, I want to use the box at full capacity, but this is not possible yet.

Hello, I have a question because I also have continuous freezes especially using the browser that contains videos.
The freezing is total and I have to turn off the pc with the power key, because there is no other way.
My question is to you it occurs with windows 10? or with Windows 11. I would like to exclude that it is a compatibility problem with windows 11.
Thanks in advance to all and have a nice day.

Thank you for your question. This problem “sudden shutdown” happens on Windows10. You’re really in trouble, right? I want CHUWI to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your reply.
It happens to me with Windows 11, especially when opening a browser (chrome, edge, firefox) .
Randomly the pc freezes completely, and the only way to turn it off is with the power button.
I have some doubts that Chuwi will solve the problem. Because if it’s a software problem (even the shutdown), maybe a bios or driver update will solve it, but if the problem is on the hardware design, the only solution is to throw the RZBOX in the trash.

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you can try with cinebench or geekbench…