RZBOX 5800 performance & temp issue

Good morning. I received my rzbox 5800 16gb / 512 ssd a few days ago.
The computer has overheating problems and is not working properly. it worked fine at first but after a few minutes I realized that the case was hot to the point of not being able to hold my hand on it. After a while the programs started to jerk and freeze despite the low load on the cpu. After several attempts I have found that the problem is probably due to the disk overheating. Indeed, immediately after turning on the machine - therefore with the startup programs still running - the speed is good, but after some time, the speed is significantly reduced.
The fan never starts even if the CPU exceeds 100 °
In addition, the computer crashed during the various tests. To unlock it I had to turn it off with the physical button on the case.
Any advice?

The rzbox has a weak cooling solution and some electrical limits on ram and nvme drives that can be used.

The weak cooling solution was called out in the initial rzbox evaluations, by a number of outfits, and that was with the older AMD 4900. Yet, they kept it with that cpu, and moved the same small heatsink and fan that doesn’t run enough over to the newer 5900H model.

Search for “rzbox 5800H” on youtube and see the reviews from Serve The Home and Retro Game Corps for more, and read the comments.

In addition to the overheating, the rzbox these days also comes with DDR4-2666 ram instead of the DDR4-3200 they say it comes with. That low ram speed badly hobbles the 5800H. Gaming performance goes up around double with the correct 3200 ram. See the comments from Retro Game Corps youtube video when he discovered like I did that he got shortchanged on the RAM speed and tried the correct ram 3200 ram.

So if you actually wanted this for persistent high performance computing, it’s the wrong machine. Despite its lofty specifications, it’ll give good performance for a short burst, but once that small aluminum heatsink with just one heat pipe gets saturated, that’s it. The machine will throttle speed and then shut off.

Shame they didn’t find a way to connect the heat sink to the aluminum case parts.

Ram is limited to 1.2v sticks, and the nvme slots are limited to 1.5A at 3.3v. Below many high performance drives.

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