New cooling system

Dear developers of rzbox. Create a normal cooling system. I and probably many others will buy it. Currently, the cooling system is just terrible. The CPU temperature soars to 100 instantly.


Thank you very much for your advice. We will seriously consider it.
Thank you for your letter and wish you a happy life.


Nice initiative , please consider to give to already existing RZBox customers for a discounted rate and include two fans for new RZbox models instead of one

I vote for this too!!!
Does not matter how many fans there are, as long as CPU temps don’t go over 70C at full load. Currently 80 is reached in less than a second and reaches 100+ without much efforts. :frowning:

Please @ChuwiService , please… you will sell a lot of these boxes with a better cooling, I promise!

Thank you

dear RZBOX developers . why did you turn the heat pipe back to the power circuits? I took it apart and was was just necessary to bring the heat pipe to the radiator ribs.this would be enough for efficient cooling.

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@Toxez Do you mean you fixed the cooling issue or you just looked inside?

Now it looks like this. But in all laptops that I’ve seen and even video cards it looks like this.

this is for example, but the point is to put a heat pipe on the radiator ribs
And yes - alas, I don’t have the tools and equipment to fix it at home. so I just took it apart and looked.


Yes!!! I too join the request for a better aftermarket cooler! I buy it for sure if you make it!

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I agree to this request.

I am waiting for rzbox

Then…chuwi can already change fan and ship for new clients…

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