SD Card Recognized but not usable - HiPad Pro

Hi. Very happy with this HipadPro.

I inserted a Sandisk 128Gb Extreme Card and formatted as Android Card.

Now I can see the card in Parameters/Storage Option and in File Commander/Clean option BUT I cannot save files onto the SD card as the File commander does not see it for browsing/Copying.

Here you can see print screens of what I mean:

Any help?

Thank you very much in advance

Hello, I have a similar issue on my SurPad. I also posted a question on the SurPad section. When I use the SD as portable device it works fine but when I use it as internal storage although I can see the total space (256GB) in the settings_storage page, when I go to the Files app, it only shows the SD storage space (128GB). Furthermore when I boot up the tablet I get a notification saying SD card missing, which disappears after I unlock the device. Do you have this issue too?

Hello Andrea, Same here. I ended up using the SD anyhow and it works. Although not visible in the file explorer I well have the 256Gb and when copying files it is using it so that’s all good for me :slight_smile: