Sonido muy bajo en UBook X

Hola hace un par de meses, compré un UBook X del cual estoy muy contento con su rendimiento. Solamente tiene el problema de no escuchar apenas el audio por los altavoces. Alguna solución?.
Si pongo los auriculares, todo perfecto, pero solamente con los altavoces, prácticamente sin volumen.

The Audio jack is a headphone jack with low Level. You need speakers with built-in amplifiers.

The speakers of my CHUWI UBook X are very low, even with the volume turned up.
Should I reinstall a driver?. Thanks

Do you mean the built-in loudspeakers, or loudspeakers that you have specially connected to the headphone output?

If you mean the built-in speakers, they are unfortunately very quiet and not of good quality. Nothing can be changed about that. A new driver installation does not change anything.

try this application: Equalizer APO download |