Special characters on uBook xPro

Hi there,

I use the IT keyboard layout with the original Chuwi keyboard, but I can’t find a way to enter special characters, alt codes don’t work for lack of numeric keypad.
To be specific, I need Alt + 60 (<) and Alt + 62 (>) to do some coding on the uBook.

How can I digit them without pulling out the software keyboard?
Thank you all

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Hello ,welcome to the forum. So far I understood you are using that silicone layout for IT on top of original Keyboard, right?

If so, then you need to configurate in your windows as Italian Keyboard Entry and Italian Language.

If you are using the Original Chuwi Keyboard but with Italian language on the system, also needs to be setup as so.

At my device, I have a mix of several like this because of external keyboards.


First line is always the language of input and second line the Keyboard Pattern used.

If this is not the issue you facing, please provide more information so some of us in the forum may help.


Hi coyotefert,

thank you for your answer. Actually, I did set up IT keyboard and italian language: the problem is that, while usually keyboards either have numeric keypad (physical or virtual) the uBook xPro doesn’t have any of them, and I can’t enter alt + xxx characters using codes. also, the xPro keyboard doesn’t have the additional key that is dedicated to enter < and >. I hope I have been clearer, now!

Hello Marcello,

Can you add a picture of your italian keyboard? I’m curious to confirm one thing.

Anyway, I would say that temporary solution would be to use as US International Keyboard / Italian Language. (Assuming your keyboard has a cover for italian, and not actually full printer in italian style.