Stremio Very Laggy on Larkbox Pro

Hello, I bought the larkbox pro for watch movie, TV series. But I can’t use the stremio because it’s very laggy. I can use the stremio on my main computer seamless, so it’s not about the network quality. I tried to watch on Firefox, it didn’t any problem. Also I have old cpu laptop and it’s older than my larkbox pro, and still no problem for stremio(also it has lower cpu score than the larkbox pro cpu) .
I tried to open hardware acceleration, it didn’t work.
Usually i use the 4k TV and it tried to to watch 1080p, it was Laggy and then I changed my resolution to 1080p, still it didn’t work.
And also YouTube 4k videos are a little bit laggy, is it normal?
Why it’s so Laggy, anyone have any idea?