Tablet Hi 9 Pro goes down for no reason

Hello friends.

I have a great problem with my tablet. It was bought in may 2018. The tablet shut down suddenly and I do not know why! The battery power is by 97 % !
Anybody an idea what is the kind of problem?
Many thanks for your answers. Bye

Hi, @Kanti.
Have Android apps been updated before?
I restart the tablet after each update. And I have the updates not done automatically.
Is the power button red?

Hi Jose,
thanks for your message. The updates come automatically. And yes, the power button is red. Has something to mean?
Best regards

Hi, @Kanti.
I think the BIOS is diferent.
Watch this link: [Hi9 Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi9Pro Andorid,Flashtool,driver download

Taking advantage that you have a HI9 PRO. Is the sound volume of phone calls low on your tablet?
Thanks for your answer


I will try it. Thank you for your help. To your question: I am not on the phone with the tablet, so I cannot answer your question. All the best.
Best regards

Hey There,
did you solve your Problem?
I‘ve the same issue and don‘t know what to do!

Yeah this just started with me. 97%, shut down then goes into a bootloop. The weird thing is that it’s perfect when plugged in (?).