Thanks in ADVANCE

Bought a HeroBook from Amazon on August 1, 2022 worked great and was very impressed with the computer then 2 days ago , it just stopped working first reporting a problem with the OneDrive being corrupted tried to cl4ean and did not succeed, Now the computer does not even boot up just continues turn on and off. Please help me. need help urgently to get back on line. Thanks

Hello HenryBowie,

have you tried to turn on the computer in Recovery mode? When you turn it on, at least BIOS or anything appears?

Stupid question but, are you sure it’s fully charged? usually when it turns on and off without even booting, it’s related either to power issues, (charger, battery, powersupply).

If computer at least turn on and you can open BIOS, I would say to , from a different computer, create a USB Recovery drive, and then boot your pc from the USB drive.

This will allow you to run the recovery procedures,etc.