The backup partition files of unlocked Hipad Pro using QFIL

This link is the folder containing the QFIL and Stock ROM for Hipad Pro.


  1. PC with Windows 10 or above
  2. QDLoader driver and QFIL in the above link.
  3. Do Provision to allow managing partitions.
    (Follow the tutorial in the above link to do Provision.)

How to back up your partitions with QFIL:

  1. Reboot your Hipad Pro to EDL mode by enter
    adb reboot edl
    or turn off your Hipad Pro and hold power + volume up + volume down
  2. Connect your Hipad Pro to PC.
  3. In Device Manager should should show the connection port of your Hipad Pro
  4. QFIL should show the same connection port.
  5. Choose Flat Build and load Program files.elf, RawProgram files.xml and patch files.xml
    (Follow the tutorial in the above link.)
    Choose Tools and Partition Manager
  6. Click OK to enter Partition Manager
  7. Right click on the partition name and choose Manage Partition Data
  8. Choose Read Data to back up partitions to .bin files
    Some partitions are very big like userdata and super partitions. They take long time to back up.
  9. The back up files are in C:\Users"Username"\AppData\Roaming\Qualcomm\QFIL\COMPORT_3 (COMPORT_3 follow connection port number)
  10. Rename the back up files to reflect the name of the partition that is backed up.
  11. To load the back up partition file.bin, Choose Load Image in Partition Manager with QFIL. Select the back up partition file.bin for the specific partition.

To exit EDL mode (Download mode), hold power + volume down until CHUWI logo shows up.

Hi super, you got error because of drivers, I will give you the files today, remember that doing backup with qfil you don’t have to turn off the tablet because all process is with tablet on. I have done it a couple of days before.

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Can you back up your vendor.img from vendor partition with this method? I am curious by flashing unlocked boot.img may not unlock bootloader. I probably have to back up almost all partitions and share them in order to unlock others’ Qualcomm Hipad Pro devices with QFIL.

Hi super this is the driver for QFil setup after install it just open QFIL and it will show you “Please select an existing port” click on “selectport” and then select “qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 90DB…” and now you can make a backup. I have no tried yet backup vendor.img

I’ve installed your driver. When my Hipad Pro is on system, my PC cannot see any port connected by Hipad Pro. I have to enter Download mode but still get Sahara server fail error.
My PC is on WIndows 7 x64, not sure if this needs to be Windows 10 to have QFIL workable.
What version of QFIL are you using? Mine is

Can you record video of how to back up partitions with QFIL?

I know how to back up the partitions of my Hipad Pro. Here is the back up of some partitions that I guess will help unlock bootloader for Qualcomm Hipad Pro users.

Follow these tutorials to load my back up files to your device’s partitions here and here.

If you flash the back up files of my unlocked Hipad Pro and can unlock yours as well, please let me know which file(s) that is/are specifically unlock your Hipad Pro bootloader.


  1. PC + Windows 10 or above
  2. adb driver + QFIL driver + Type C cable
  3. Enter EDL mode of Hipad Pro by adb reboot edl (best) or power + volume up + volume down
  4. Flash Provision to your Hipad Pro and power + volume down to reboot Hipad Pro once. Enter EDL mode again and follow the above tutorial to load my back up partition files to your Hipad Pro’s partitions. Try boot and recovery partitions first to see if your Hipad Pro unlocked.