Flashed Android 12 on Hipad Pro

Hello all Hipad Pro users,
I just flashed Android 12 GSI ROM on Hipad Pro. Tested working well and probably smoother with no hiccups during app changing. Mine is Qualcomm version of Hipad Pro. For those who have their Hipad Pro unlocked bootloader can also flash Android 12 including Mediatek version as well.

If Chuwi may have interest in Qualcomm market, I hope they will manufacture Qualcomm tablets/phablets again in the future. They will sure gain my loyalty for the sake of beloved Hipad Pro. Anyways please don’t forget to give unlock tool or method for Qualcomm devices. And they will be perfect and competitive. Since Hipad Pro hardware quality is on par with big brand like Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei and so on.


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I totally agree with your opinion. Thanks for sharing

Would there be a Android 12 Rom for Hipad X?

@DawoodWSubedar I flashed GSI ROMs on Hipad Pro. You can google GSI ROMs of Android 12. But your device needs to be unlocked first.

@super Can you share with us the Android 12 ROM and installation way?

The redness and blurry effects problems, did you manage to solve it?

Thanks for your help.

@Richard.BR Is your Hipad Pro of Qualcomm version? And is your device unlocked bootloader?
In order to flash GSI ROMs, you need to unlock bootloader of your device first.

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I can’t agree more with the concept you have presented above.

Qualcomm version? Yes

Unlock bootloader? Yes

@Richard.BR Here is the link showing how to flash GSI ROMs.

Any questions are welcome.

Good luck,

How did you unlock the bootloader???

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