Flashed GSI ROM on HiPad Pro and fixed reddish and blurry effects

The reddish issue is caused from color profile which is probably vivid or saturated.
And the blurry issue is caused by the blur function which may be new in Android 11 and the developer team did not create an option to turn on/off this function. So this blurry effect is activated by default.

I took risk to flash GSI ROM without waiting for the official stock firmware because I noticed that the reddish and blurry effects show up in many apps that apply the system settings rather than using their own settings. Most Google apps do this. I watch Youtube everyday and the reddish effect hurts my eyes. The blurry effect shows up in web browser and causes unreadable small fonts.

For those who want to flash GSI ROM please read below:
Please be warned before doing this: 1. all your data will be lost 2. your warrantee may be void.


  1. Download Android adb driver here or here.
  2. Download Android platform tool here.
  3. I used this GSI ROM for flashing, but you can google search other GSI ROMs. There are many other GSI ROMs. You need to look for ARM64 and A/B partition type. You will notice these in the file naming conventions.

Actually you need to unlock bootloader for doing this. But Hipad Pro is unlocked by default.

Follow these tutorials for flashing GSI ROM without TWRP here and here.

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