Hipad pro users MUST read this article

Dear Hipad pro users,

I badly need your support to fix reddish and blurry issues by official ROM update from Chuwi. I have sent the below mail to service@chuwi.com and would like to ask your similar mails to this account.

Dear Customer Satisfaction Manager,

There have been two critical issues in Hipad pro such as reddish and blurry. If you want to identify what are these, please visit the below link.

I already reported these issues in many of tablet forums all over the world including Youtube. I DON’T want to bother your business but I will continuously spread these issues if you don’t fix these issues so quickly.

Fortunately a forum user had already fixed these issues by personal GSI rom installation and you can also fix these issues simply.

It would be nice if you can discuss with your engineers and post your intent to firmware update at Chuwi forum and me.



Hi hjchun,

I’m with you, and your words and initiative are quite meaningful.

I’m on the same situation and CHUWI could you please help your customers?

Thank you

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Hi hjchun,

I agreed with you. All of the issues are just about the settings in the firmware. The hardware is high quality. There are a few ways to fix these issues:

  1. Chuwi release official firmware that fixes these issues.
  2. Flash GSI ROM for the unlocked Hipad Pro. This requires the official unlock tool.
  3. Edit the settings of the stock system that cause these issues.

I have no idea about Chuwi development plan for the software development of Hipad Pro. But the fastest and easiest way for me is to unlock the device and flash GSI ROM. Only this can be possible if Chuwi release the unlock tool. Another fastest way is to edit the settings that cause these issues.

Hope one of these will help fix all Hipad Pro users soon. Hipad Pro is high quality at the very good price as I tested, compared with Teclast and Alldocube devices. Chuwi devices are at good quality standard on par with big brands like Xiaomi, Huawei or Lenovo.



I wrote to support by e-mail and they told me they are not giving support to chuwi hipad pro. So CHUWI CHEATED US. Never buy again to these scammers.

Do you mean Chuwi will never release the official firmware and the unlock tool for Hipad Pro? Really?

No, I don’t believe they will just will give up to give support on a new device, particularly this one, that has a good potential.

I believe is just a matter of time.

But @JOSHZ what did you ask exactly?

Thank you

I would agree with you that Chuwi is not about to drop Hipad Pro. Chuwi might not support for customer technical replies, but at least they should support for the official firmware and the unlock tool. :pray:

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On my mind, the source (which are partially opensource) must be delivered to the person how ask them. And we are in this case … at least me !