Any way to fix the brightness and bad red color issues?


I just got the Chuwi Hipad Plus, I really like the overall slim design of the design, but there are 2 issues that make the tablet useless for me;
The brightness slider barely do anything, and minimum brightness is waayyyy too high (same as other devices 50% brightness), making it impossible to use it at night.
Software filters like twilight don’t help much as the backlight is still too strong and it just make the whole screen gray.

Second issue is the red ultra saturation, making all reds look neon pink or orange, and destroying the colors on any graphical thing that contains red.

As the main purpose of buying this tablet was to read comics at night, easy to understand my dissapointment.

Is there any update or fix that could solve those issues?


If the fix isn’t possible and/or available, is there a way to root the device?