Chuwi HiPad Pro white screen help

Good afternoon. Can anyone give me some help? My Chuwi HiPad Pro was on and working normally, I went to sleep. When I turned it on, the screen is all white (but it turns on normally) as if the LCD had burned. But it makes no sense because when I turned it off there was an image, it didn’t fall or anything. Has anyone had this problem? Can you help me tidy it up? I thank the attention.

@Debora I guess your Hipad Pro is MTK, right? Try boot to bootloader or recovery and factory reset your device. It would be much helpful if you could capture VDO and show what’s going.

@super Thanks for responding SUPER! I can’t see anything on the tablet screen, it’s just the backlight and nothing appears. Not even in recovery mode, nothing at all. But recently I turned it on, it returned to the image normally. I turned it off again and the error came back. I’m finding it strange, because it marks in the background HIPAD-PRO but in TYPE is CW1526. Get the HIPAD-PRO rom, but after seeing that TYPE is like CW1526 and the fact that I read that there is a version of it mediatek and qualcomm, and it seems that the QFIL is qualcomm, I really don’t know what to do. Frankly, it is an excellent tablet, but these problems are very discouraging. (and it was a very expensive tablet)


here is the model divergence

There in the photo it is on, receives a call, can move, but no image. Only the backlight appears. Sometimes when it spends a lot of time off, it works normally again (it only happened twice). Other than that, it’s always like this. White light and no image, but working and turning on normally (but no image)

@Debora Mine is Qualcomm and CW1526. You should try to enter recovery mode and do factory reset to see if this fix the issue. The last method is to flash Stock ROM that should fix the issue. But you should check which CPU type is yours. There is Stock ROM for Qualcomm model but not sure about MTK model.

@super I’m trying to flash the rom, but I’m having an error;
Sahara Fail Error

ERROR: function: sahara_rx_data:277 Unable to read packet header. Only read 0 bytes.

ERROR: function: sahara_main:983 Sahara protocol error

ERROR: function: main:320 Uploading Image using Sahara protocol failed

These are the errors, could you tell me why? Thanks again for your attention.

@Debora Is your PC installed Windows 10 or newer?
QFIL require WSL which is available only on Windows 10 or newer.
I used to have sahara server failed from this cause. But not sure if your sahara failure would be the same.

@super Yes, I am using windows 11 version GHOST SPECTRE. But I searched a lot about this error but no solution. I really don’t understand why this error. But I will format the pc for windows 10 and try. I even put windows in test mode because of the most unsuccessful drivers. just in case, do you have a tutorial that you followed or recommend? But finally, thank you very much again for your attention.

@Debora You need to activate WSL or Windows Subsystem for Linux in order to make sahara server working properly. Ghost spectre version is lite version of Windows 11. So this version probably does not have WSL available.

BTW, you should not use QFIL while in test mode of Windows. Because QFIL requires many drivers including WSL in order to work properly.