Hipad Pro color issues in addition to resolution

Dear all Hipad Pro users,

Many of you already knew that this tablet has a resolution issue, blurred image. See the below link.


In addition, I would like to raise two more inconveniences for this new tablet.

  1. Red colour is too strong and it makes people’s faces turn very unrealistic red. Almost orange colour (see the first photo in the below). I have a Hipad Plus 11 and the screen is vivid and I am very satisfied with that.

  2. In many Android apps, there is a letterbox that occurred in the left side (see the second photo in the below) while the right side is no problem (see the third photo in the below) in landscape mode. In this case, we cannot use a full screen. Google provided Youtube app can use full screen.

At this moment, the current display configuration of this tablet shall totally be improved for both HW and SW, and I regret I bought this tablet as an early bird (even though I’ve got a free keyboard as the first 300 units).

If any Chuwi staff see this article, please escalate this to the customer satisfaction department.


The color profile of Hipad Pro that comes out of the box is quite reddish. But I think if you view this photo on other display, it would look normal.
I also noticed this reddish issue because I tested watching the same video on Youtube on different device. And Red is very exaggerated.
I am looking for some app that can change the overall color profile to fix this reddish issue.

Blurred and reddish is very critical quality issues of Hipad Pro. Totally I could not understand how this product which has a critical problem, is on the market.

I read your post and hope the current display related issues are solved so soon by Chuwi official.

I agreed with you. I am waiting for the official firmware to be released. So I will flash GSI ROMs right after that to fix these. I am not sure how long Chuwi will take to release it.

Teclast usually takes 5-6 months to release the first official firmware. Alldocube takes around 2-3 months. I bought 3 Teclast devices and 2 Alldocube devices. They have issue about touch performance. But Chuwi Hipad Pro’s touch is much slicker. And this has QC 3.0 which charges fairly fast. So despite of the 2 issues, I like this tablet pretty much.

I fully agree with Chris’s insights regarding the color tone and screen resolution and I hope that the Chuwi technicians are being used to resolve these through an update.

For my part, I try to send a message to my contacts in Chuwi to bring me news about the status of this issue.
When I have news, I will write in the threads that cover the subject.

PS: I also bought this tablet and wanted it to be my Android tablet.

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It is a pity Chuwi customer support system is not so quick. Nobody knows whether they will update the firmware or not. If they have no intent to update, I have no intent to use Hipad Pro in the future. Everytime I unlock the scree, reddish and blurry font screen make me frustrated. I have never experience this kind of issue since 2011 iPad Gen 1.

You can try flashing GSI ROM to fix the reddish issue. Actually I consider the reddish issue as another flavor. Because this is intensionally set, not a kind of error or glitch. So the reddish and blurry effects may not be fixed in the official firmware release.

You can search for how to flash GSI ROM using fastboot on the internet or follow this tutorial.

Dear friend,

This shall not be flavor. If Chuwi set these two blurry and reddish configuration intentionally, they are totally crazy. I already left warnning of these issues at several Android tablet user forums, they might be hesitate to buy this model. At this moment I really regret and unhappy I bought this, and the tablet is on the shelf.

Further the previous, can blurry issue be fixed if I install GSI ROM?

Flashing GSI ROM will probably fix may issues that have been posted on the forum. I am about to wait for the official firmware first. If bricked, I can flash firmware to unbrick the device. Because flashing GSI ROMs is trial and error process. Even if you could flash and boot up a GSI ROM on a device, there may be bootloop for flashing the same ROM on another device.

FYI, GSI ROM stands for Generic System Image. This is another type of Custom ROMs but this is not specifically built for the specific device by some developers who have tested and confirmed to be workable on that device.