Color mismatch but no color adjustment

Hi everyone! My Hipad Plus tablet has a bright and well dimensioned display. 4:3 ratio is the best for me and very rare today (exept in Apple products).

Unfortunately the colors are a bit to intensive. This leads to an obvious color mismatch. Darker orange appears to be red. I compared some examples to smartphone display an desktop-monitor.
I searched for a color adjustment in the android settings, but there is none, except for color blind people. That doesn’t help me. Nearly each smartphone comes along with such an adjustment, but my Hipad Plus hasn’t it? I couldn’t believe. Anyone else having that problem ?

Is there hope for a firmware-update, bringing a color-adjustment (Color intensity and Tone correction)?

BR HamuFFm

I have the same issue and resolve this by night shift app. The default brightness is too high so you need to reduce the brightness to minimum and execute additional lower brightness app. In addition Hipad Pro has more critical issues for reddish and blurry from factory and these have not been fixed yet. Dont expect so much from Chuwi because they are not Samsung or Apple.

You guys think we will ever get a fix for the red issue and color brightness?