HiPad Pro resolution

Why is it seen on some of the video reviews on the box that the screen resolution is 2560 × 1600, but in fact it is 1920 × 1080? Gearbest is now the lowest price, but there is a resolution of 1920 × 1080, and in your official store on AliExpress, the resolution is 1940 × 1212.

How often are updates planned?

Is it possible to install root (Magisk)? Users complain about blurry images, how to fix it? Editing dpi in build.prop?

We also invite representatives of the Chuwi company to the HiPad Pro thread of the Russian-language electronics forum 4PDA Chuwi Hipad Pro - Обсуждение - 4PDA , for better feedback.



I’m not interested for getting root but I’ m also very interested for something to reduce blurry screen.

Please do something because it’s really very far from a 2k screen.


Good day! Can any of the representatives of chuwi still answer about the blurry screen? how could the product fail in this way? With such an attitude to customers, the brand will not go far. Once again, I strongly ask you to comment on when and what actions will be taken to solve the problem with the image!

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I support the question in the topic, when is the update planned?


Dear Forum,

I can also confirm the poor resolution of my newly arrived tablet.
The image is blurred / the writing is not clean.

Primarily, the display is one of the most important components of the tablet, which you look at all the time.
Secondary, the camera, tested in Jitsi (private server in GE with high bandwidth) video conference, is weak.

At 10.8 inches and a FullHD resolution (19201200 / with this display 19401212), competitors get a much better picture. Even on older devices.

when can the (un)happy CHUWI HiPad Pro users expect an update?

Many greetings


Greetings from Spain.
Just the same, what a blurry screen we have. Is not normal this screen quality, I wait for an update or solution soon or i will sell the tablet.
Older tablets with better definition and less money cant be


Please see https://forum.chuwi.com/t/hipad-pro-color-issues-in-addition-to-resolution/26519 as well.


I used to have Teclast and Alldocube devices. After Teclast released its devices to Aliexpress, taking around 5-6 months for releasing the first official firmware. Alldocube took around 2-3 months for releasing the first official firmware. I hope Chuwi would release the first official firmware within a month since this’s supposed to have much better services than the other two that I mentioned.

I paid higher price for Chuwi compared to Teclast and Alldocube since I read reviews about its services is at standard level as big Android device manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei and so on.

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I think it’s not about the firmware, but about the display itself, that’s why they are silent, this cannot be fixed programmatically.

I just got Chuwi Hipad Pro yesterday. After some test about the issues of resolution, I am still think it’s from software settings. I am not about to defend Chuwi. But the defect of the screen hardware cannot cause Blurry effect. My guess is the blurry effect is from highest anti-aliasing.
I have tested by playing HD games and watching 1080p movies. There is no blurry effect. It’s blurry in UI and some Google apps. The anti-aliasing is good for softening edge. But small images like icons and so on may produce unsharpening effect.

I am waiting for the official firmware. So I will flash Custom ROM to conclude my assumptions.

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You can give a link to custom firmware?

Until I don’t return the tablet back to the seller for the complaint, I am also waiting for a link to the official firmware,


Currently there is no specific Custom ROMs for Hipad Pro yet. But this device can flash GSI ROM. Try phhusson’s GSI ROMs from this link.

Please keep in mind that by doing this may void your warranty. But I’ve checked that bootloader is already unlocked. So this device is open for flashing any Custom ROMs by default.

There is no TWRP for nice UI recovery yet. So you need to flash GSI via fastboot. Please check this link or here for how to do it.

I would suggest waiting for the official firmware first. If your device bricked, you could flash Stock firmware to fix it.


Hi super, thank you for your inputs here on the Forum.
As everyone, I’m facing the same issue, and I thought the same as you, that can’t be the hardware, so I believe is the software itself. could you manage to install that Custom ROM and check by yourself if there were any screen improvements?
Thank you.

And for the CHUWI team, can you please provide to all of us some news about a possible update? I believe as a company that wants to compete with big companies like Xiaomi…that this is not the proper behavior

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Hi manuelbrunopt, I will surely flash custom ROMs as soon as Chuwi release the first official firmware. And I am pretty sure that flashing Custom ROMs will fix both blurry and reddish effects.