HiPad Pro stock firmware - mtk /qualcomm

Hi guys,

This might be a stupid question but does anyone know if the stock firmware for the HiPad Pro Qualcomm version also work for the mtk version? Ive looked everywhere for firmware specifically for the HiPad Pro mtk version and cant find one anywhere!
I’ve asked chuwi service for a link and i didnt get a response.
I’ve even tried the MediaTek website and they have loads of firmware but not for the HiPad Pro mtk version. Believe it or not but they actually have the firmware for the Qualcomm HiPad Pro. This is why I wonder if its possible whether the firmware works on both versions.
Does anyone know for sure?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


@Jazef1 Absolutely no. Don’t try flashing the Stock ROM for Qualcomm device to your MTK device. You will get your device to super serious bricked state. Your screen will turn black and all the buttons won’t respond. If you cannot enter Download mode to flash the correct Stock ROM, that means your device will be gone forever. Not even the boot.img or any .img files of them are compatible with each other. The best thing is to wait for the release of the official Stock ROM for your device.

Anyway you should try using MTK tools to back up your firmware before doing any flashing to your MTK device. You can google about how to do this.

Yeah, I’ve tried to do a readback of the ROM but I’m having trouble with creating a scatterfile. I’ve tried using WWR 2.51 to create a scatterfile, but the platform chipset isn’t listed in the programs template.ini file. I’ve tried to manually add mt6785T to the list file, but when I load the scatterfile.txt in SP flashtool for readback, I get an error message stating that mt85-- and higher requires a newer version of the SP flashtool to work.
So I downloaded the newest version of SP flashtools V6.20, however the tools format has total changed and no longers uses .txt files as scatterfiles. It now uses .xml scatterfiles and Im not sure how to produce one for readback on sp flashtool.
If you have any suggestions, I’d certainly appreciate it.
I really just want to root my device. I’ve unlocked the bootloader, but I have no way of rooting without a usable boot.img to patch and flashing in fastboot. I cant create a twrp without access to the stock recovery

@Jazef1 You can try notepad++ to create or edit .xml files. Flash Tools for MTK has changed scatter file from .txt to .xml a while ago. When I used Alldocube iPlay 30 Pro last year, I flashed Stock ROM with .xml scatter file.

There are a couple ways to back up boot.img as follow:
1.with adb shell here You can boot to stock recovery and enter adb mode to use the command lines in the link. I have done this before on Qualcomm version of Hipad Pro.
2.with MTK client here

cr: Hovatek is a good source of information for MTK and Unisoc devices. I learnt how to flash GSI ROMs with fastboot command lines from this website.

If you can successfully back up boot.img and root your device, please share the how-to.

Good Luck,