Need Hipad Pro Stock firmware

I just bought Hipad Pro and need Stock firmware for restoring system if bricked or sort of.


To complete the message of Super, I should to have the scatter file please.

Hipad Pro is Qualcomm device. I am not sure this would have scatter file like in the MTK’s firmware ROM. So far as I have known, Hipad Pro is the first Qualcomm that Chuwi have released. So there will be Flash tool released by Chuwi for flashing the Stock ROM as well.

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Chuwi offer appalling products and has terrible customer service. Hopeless

Few days ago, I wrote a email to chuwi in the same time I posted on this forum. In case of no response from Chuwi, I will provide my feedback about their product and their support.
A new product could have some bug but if there is no support/tips/feedback/workaround from the manufacturer, this one should be avoid!