Hipad X stock rom

Can someone please send me the stock firmware for the “HiPad X” newly released tablet?

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I need it too. I have contact Chuwi customer services several times for the link to down load the firmware. But no reply from them… I think every body owned the Chuwi Hipad X should contact the Chuwi customer support and demanding for release the firmware.

Please go to Hipad X 4G Lte stock Firmware to got the firmware.

Beware that ROM fuck the video output of my tablet any way to fix?

Updated 25/07/2022

Just email service team at chuwi , I get this Hipad X Firmware Mediatek version for chuwi hipad x firmware ( mediatek )

Just flashing using sp flash tool with tablet set to off posisiton
WARNING untick preloader when you try to flash it.